Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Blog!

Well were officially new at the Blog Situation, so excuse my lack of understanding how to do all this "blogging"! Sarah Bagley Hogan conned me into wasting my Sunday Afternoon making a blog because it's apparently what married people do. So Sarah, this is for you! What do I say? Haha. It's been quite a busy summer for Jenny and Myself. She's been immersed full time into the Accelerated Nursing program at the University of Utah and has devoted mostly all of her summer to a hopeful 4.0 gpa. Finals occured Friday the 1st of August and it is understood that she aced all of them. So we are hoping the 4.0 did happen and that she can get an academic scholarship for the future 3 semesters. Gotta love being Poor and Needy! On the side of all this schooling she's done this summer she's also tasked being the Girls Camp Director for our ward and succesfully sent all the girls off to camp during finals week! AND... if that isn't enough. . . our landlords notified us on Wednesday July 23rd that we had til the 1st of August to be out of our house and in another location because someone was wanting to buy the house and we had to be gone. So also during finals week she and I had to find another place to live, remodel (paint, carpet, and clean) this new duplex, clean our current house, box it up and move! She successfully survived it all with flying colors and is now celebrating with her family on vacation in Island Park, ID (near Jackson Hole, WY). She deserves it.

I have been the breadwinning provider this summer by making a whopping $10 dollars an hour working for the owner of the Dollar Cuts franchise Scott Wood. He owns 25+ stores from St George to Idaho Falls and I am his guy that remodels stores, waxes their floors, delivers orders and any other random jobs needed. I'm more of a delivery man than anything, it's okay. I don't mind working there, at least til we go off to Dental School. I was working 2 jobs from 9am-9pm monday thru friday but decided I couldn't handle it. Haha! Discover card had to be the worst job anyone could ever have! I couldn't stand taking inbound phone calls and activating peoples cards and then selling them protection plans. It's just not my forte. Who's would it be though!?!

I am currently at the University of Utah as well and I'm majoring in Exercise & Sports Science with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology. It's a great major for pre-dental or pre-med students simply because most of it's requirements are the same pre-reqs required by dental or med schools. And I do enjoy, which I've heard is important. ;) Come April of 2009 we will begin the application processes to Dental School and are hoping to be accepted into the University of Louisville's dental school because that is where Jenny's family is located. Other than that, there are no other preferences - ANYWHERE IS GOOD FOR US! It's hard enough to get in as it is. So we won't be picky!

We do have a Lake Powell trip planned for the middle of August and are looking forward to a vacation together finally! I've gone on one without her to Jackson Hole and she's in Island Park now without me. Gotta love coordinating and working with schedules!

Other than this recent news, were just hangin in there! School and work is our lives for the next while until she's a nurse 1 year from right now! Then she'll be the breadwinner til Dental School's over!!!!

If you want to reach us our new address is 8475 South 916 East Sandy, UT 84094 and our phone numbers are: Jenny 801-828-0227 and Kevin 801-828-0483.

Til next time~!

(Hope you like it Sarah! It's a start right!?!)